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28 October 2020 @ 04:26 pm


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: 咲き誇る華の様に-Neo Visualizm- ♪ 雅-miyavi-
instrumental music, soundtracks, classical music ( but to be a smartypants there's a selection of pieces from the baroque, classsical & romance periods and what not~~ ), plus some world music mixed in here. feel free to take whatever you want. :')

= recommendation ( though if it was for me i would have it after every one of them XD lmao )

HEART by Ai Otsuka
Planetarium by Ai Otsuka | her live version is amazing though
drop. by Ai Otsuka
PEACH by Ai Otsuka
Broken Heart by Battle
Icarus by Battle
U by Super Junior
Endless Moment by Super Junior
Lovely Day by Super Junior
Replay that fanmade piano version of SHINee's Replay
At the Beginning from Anastasia
Thunder, Lightning, Strike The Go! Team's first album
1+1=2 by Zwei
garakuta by Zwei
Dragon by Zwei
Movie Star by Zwei
Hikari by Zwei
Watashigai no Uta by Zwei

House of Flying Daggers OST
All About Lily Chou Chou OST the instrumentals / classical music
Hana Kimi OST
2046 OST
Stairway to Heaven OST
Super Smash Bros. Mele OST
Oldboy OST
Sympathy for Lady Vengeance OST
A Bittersweet Life OST

Music of the Andes
Romantic Zarazuelas of Spain

Four Seasons - Vivaldi
Carmina Burana - Orff
Reqieum Mass - Verdi
♪ The Yellow Guide - Classical Music disc one disc two disc three - Various | basically a collection of some of the well known pieces of music, ie. blue danube, ride of the valkyries, etc
Sampler - Various
Vienna Classics Best Loved Piano Pieces II - Various
Best of Prokofiev- Prokofiev
The Classical Collection - Tchaikovsky
Madama Butterfly - Puccini
Nikola Gyuzelev Arias - Nikola Gyuzelev
Rachmaninoff Piano Concertos 1 & 2 - Rachmaninoff

Ágætis Byrjun - Sigur Rós
( ) - Sigur Rós
Ba Ba Ti Ki Di Do - Sigur Rós
Takk... - Sigur Rós
♪ Hvarf/Heim Disc 1 & Disc 2 - Sigur Rós
Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust - Sigur Rós
03-四季 - Edmond Leung

will upload the missing links tonight while i sleep and edit this tomorrow. also i'm going to upload all of the sigur rós ( i'd star them more than the sky lmao ) i have tooooo, because they are very inspirational and ~amazing~
: accomplished